[PLR MegaPack!] STRESS MANAGEMENT PLR Report + Articles + Graphics + Marketing tools

Do you dread creating dozens of pages of content on a subject you are unfamiliar with and trying to become an overnight expert in a new niche subject?

Then you want expert content that you dont have to write yourself: Private Label Rights articles that give you the license to use that content in online properties and publications, in pretty much any way that you want to use it and even to add your own name as author!

The good news is that my Strategic Services PLR store already has well over 200 PLR packs for sale in many different niche subject, perfect to help you fill your blogs with relevant, helpful content (including social marketing tools already created for you) which are detailed in the catalog you can see or download >>> Here  

This Mega-pack is specifically for the Stress Management niche:

PLR content for the very profitable Stress Management niche - on sale for a fraction of my usual PLR price.

1. A hot new report called 
"Introduction to Stress Management for Baby Boomers" which has 

- 2,130 words of helpful information
- In 15 pages 
- With illustrations

Topics covered include:
Identify the Sources of Stress in Your Life 
Eliminate Stressors 
Get Your Priorities Straight
Manage Your Time
Sharing Your Load
Learning to Say No
Identify Your Own Needs
Provide Self Care
Accepting Your Limits
Stress Management is Worth the Results

The report presented in a Word .doc .docx and .txt document that you can publish as a list building report, or break up into articles, or use on your site as content... use it in any way you want.

2 & 3. And the report comes with TWO different book cover designs both of them in Flat and in 3D report cover images.

You also get the psd file for each one as a bonus so that serious publishers can edit them with their own author and website info

4. And for those who don't want to do their own document publishing I'm including a pre-published version of the report in 3 different reader formats

You get the report published in the

  • classic Adobe .pdf magazine style publication,
  • a kindle/tablet .mobi format report and also
  • a smartphone/tablet .ePub format

... so all the various favorite reader gadgets are covered for your subscribers!

5. You also get a SECOND PLR report content titled 

Managing Stress: 10 Tips for Teens 

with 2,048 words of content that is also presented to you in the file already broken down into TEN mini articles/email/blog posts covering self help tips for Teen Stress, to use as online content, ezines, autoresponder courses, videos, more reports... whatever way you want! 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #1: Dont Take on Too Many Responsibilities - 279 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #2: Eat Real Food Regularly - 319 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #3: Get More Sleep - 224 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #4: Choose Good Friends - 287 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #5: Make Time to Play - 204 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #6: Get Organized - 210 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #7: Learn How to Relax - 245 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #8: Dont Keep Secrets - 221 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #9: Prepare for Stressful Situations by Rehearsing - 299 words 

Managing Stress Tips for Teens #10: Stop Negative Self-Talk - 404 words

6. Next to help you create and use more interactive content with your visitors and readers, I have a ten page Power Point Quiz asking the participant 
How Stressed Are You? that has a humorous look at stress as a quiz with a Results section at the end.

7. And as an extra give-away or promotional tool I also created a magazine style "info sheet" .pdf doc that you can distribute via social networks or as a download for your lists with 

4 Simple Steps to Having a Great Day

8. And who doesn't love Memes and Viral graphics that you post on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest that you can brand with your website/blog and use to promote the socks off your new report and content? 

You get 15 new Viral Social Media Graphics relating to Stress in this pack.

9. Then I created an InfoGraphic, covering 7 Tips for Managing Your Anger which you can brand with your website / contact details ....because they are the 'must-have' new marketing tool all the pros use. 

10. And for those people who apply the power of keyword research, I compiled a list of the top 100 most 'profitable' STRESS MANAGEMENT keywords... the most searched/googled Blog keywords, with the least results found online.


How about even more PLR articles?

And to sweeten the pot even more I have added a PLR pack with yet another 25 PLR articles from my existing PLR store stock that would normally sell for $23.00 15 articles about Stress & Anxiety and another 10 assorted articles covering natural stress management remedies.

You get all this raw PLR material to use in pretty much any way you like, and the marketing tools I made for you from it to use on social networks and on web2 platforms that want graphics and published documents, so that initial hard work is done for you already if you dont have a creative bone in your body.

All this for only $17.... CLICK BELOW AND GRAB IT NOW!

Summary of what you get:

1. Brand new "Introduction to Stress Management for Baby Boomers" PLR Report which is a 2,380 word illustrated report, 15 pages of brand new helpful PLR

2. Report cover #1 in 3D and Flat images also with editable .psd file

3. Report cover #2 in 3D and Flat images also with editable .psd file

4. Get the Report already PRE-PUBLISHED in 3 reading gadget formats Adone .pdf + .mobi Kindle + .ePub no software required!

5. A second brand new PLR Report Managing Stress: 10 Tips for Teens of 2,048 words. Content is also broken down into 10 blogs/emails!

6. A Power Point Quiz about Stress with humorous Results section

7. Magazine style "info sheet" .pdf handout on How to have a Great Day 

8. 15 new Memes and Viral Social Media Graphics relating to Stress

9. A new InfoGraphic covering 7 Anger Management Tips 

10. Top 100 most 'profitable' Stress Management keywords

Extra Bonus: 
25 more great quality PLR articles on Stress Management and Anxiety topics from my existing PLR store stock

On Sale - only $17.00

CLICK HERE to Buy Now >>

REMINDER: These articles are exclusively available from my store only.
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Need Content for your site but on a tight budget?
No need to pay for top ghostwriters when you can grab my affordable fresh PLR content that has never been exposed on the internet before!

No time to write quality articles yourself?
Now you can instantly use my top quality PLR just as it is, or only spend seconds to tweak it to your own style.

Have a hungry site that needs 100s of new pages FAST?
PLR content is the best and fastest way I know (and use myself) to build niche websites with relevant and useful content that only costs pennies per page.

Worried about Duplicate Content penalties?
No need to be concerned, because with quality PLR the online content is classified as syndicated information by search engines as long as you never use the same article content more than ONCE on your own site.

Want instant credibility in a new IM niche?
You cant be an expert on every subject you may be marketing to or blogging in, so let the experts create the niche content for you, and you get to take the credit and put your name as author on my PLR writing.

Your PLR product License Information

These PLR articles and file contents are for your personal use only, to protect their exclusivity for the sake of all buyers.

Here is what you can do with these PLR articles and graphics:

[YES] This source file of contents:

* Can be used as content on your website or blog
* Can be included in e-books and reports (sold with personal rights only)
* Can be used in an auto-responder series
* Can be Edited or Spun however you wish
* Can be used to produce video articles
* Can be published off-line
* Can have your name put on them
* Can be rewritten for submission to article directories

[NO] This source file of contents:

* Cannot be sold or given away with PLR or any form of resale rights (as is - source files)
* Cannot be added to PLR or IM membership sites (as is - source files)
* Cannot be submitted to article directories without substantial alteration

If you want to compile the articles into an e-book or report you can sell or give away your finished ebook, but you must only give personal use rights to your buyers. In other words, you cannot pass on PLR or resale rights to these articles in any form.

The articles have been written around keyword phrases and the title of each article includes the keyword phrase.

If you are using the articles on your website it is a good idea to give each article a unique title. Keep the keyword in the title, or if you decide to change the keyword, change it in the first and last sentences of the article too. You can edit the articles for your website any way that you wish.

Remember: If you want to submit these articles to article directories it is important to rewrite them first, otherwise your account with them could be closed for submitting PLR.

- Helene Malmsio

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