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If you like shopping for bargain done-for-you content PLR deals you will love the PLR packs I am releasing covering a new subject niche in each PLR content pack!

I’ve been building websites since 2003 and I know all too well the dread of bloggers and IM’ers who want to create a new site to enter into an online niche.

Specifically, the dread of being faced with creating hundreds of pages of content on a subject you are unfamiliar with, and trying to become an overnight expert.

I tried using articles by other authors from Directory sites, but I couldn’t edit the articles into my own words and had to link back to the author sites every article – very restrictive and also meant massive link-leakage from my sites!

My best solution for expert content that I didn’t have to write myself was to buy ‘Private Label Rights’ articles that gave me the license to use that content on my online properties and publications in pretty much any way that I wanted to use it, and even to add my name as author!

Over the years I found the best ghostwriters and PLR content sellers in the market, and invested tens of thousands of dollars in their top quality writing.

It was a solution that worked for me for 10 years of creating countless successful online websites and web.2 platform pages.

Unfortunately, nowadays there is a lot of rubbish flooding the PLR market by unscrupulous marketers.

Even worse, is when people think it’s OK to just randomly scrape and copy original content off other people’s websites and put it on their own site, or even sell it as PLR to trusting buyers!

So what can an online marketer do when they need quality content they are licensed to use, lots of it, and fast?

Well, I had to learn by trial and error, and stick with the PLR providers I trusted.

But lucky for you, thanks to my business Coach it dawned on me that with my decades of experience as a big PLR customer, I should be putting my energies and expertise to work on creating my own PLR store.

The Goal?  To help IM’ers like you maximize your profitability for effort and time invested.

  • To make best quality PLR content affordable for you.
  • To create SEM marketing TOOLS, not just the raw PLR content.
  • To help you become a Pro online even if you are a total novice.

So I set about commissioning the best people I knew to create a super-store of PLR products including niche article packs, reports, report covers, videos, meme graphics, infographics and magazine style info sheets, on every subject I knew was a hot money maker niche.

The good news is that my Strategic Services PLRhub store already has well over 200 PLR article & content packs for sale in many different niche subject, perfect to help you fill your blogs with relevant, helpful content (including social marketing tools already created for you) which are detailed in the >>>Strategic PLR Store Catalogue (just click link to download it)

In this section I will list all the current W.S.O. PLR packs –  with niche subject Report to build your lists, get the clicks AND to also hand you the most relevant and useful PLR content and marketing tools you can use in your online marketing and development!

So now it’s time to detail the current WSO on offer here today:

New PLR content for the very profitable MLM niche - on sale for a fraction of my usual PLR price.

A hot  PLR Network Marketing report called:

"MLM 101 - How to Build a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business" which has:      

- 5,400 words of helpful information

- In 26 pages 

- With illustrations

Topics covered include:

  • The MLM Dream
  • Tips for Choosing the Right MLM Program
  • How to Build a Successful MLM Network Marketing Business 
  • To Have a Successful MLM Business You Need a Successful Team
  • How to Keep Your Multi Level Marketing Distribution Team Strong
  • The Top Five Reasons Why a Multi Level Marketing Business Might Fail
  • Learn How to Improve Your Online Sales with these Tips and Tricks
  • Boosting Your MLM Network Marketing Business With Facebook

The report presented in a Word .doc .docx and .txt document that you can publish as a list building report, or break up into articles, or use on your site as content... use it in any way you want.

And the report comes with TWO different book cover designs – both of them in Flat and in 3D report cover images.

You also get the psd file for each one as a bonus so that serious publishers can edit them with their own author and website info

stress management PLR

4. And for those who don't want to do their own document publishing I'm including a pre-published version in 3 different reader formats

You get the report published in the

·      classic Adobe .pdf magazine style publication,

·      a kindle/tablet  .mobi format report and also

·      a smartphone/tablet .ePub format

... so all the various favorite reader gadgets are covered for your subscribers!

stress report plr published for you

5. You also get a set of ten new PLR Articles


  • 3 Tools For Finding MLM Leads - 470 words
  • Is There A Difference Between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing - 412 words
  • Keep Up to Date of New MLM Company Launch News - 455 words
  • Learn About The MLM Legal Requirements in Your Business - 513 words
  • What Does A Good MLM Company Provide For Their Members - 571 words
  • What Does MLM Mean - 367 words
  • What Good Multi Level Marketing Software Tools Are Available - 529 words
  • What Should You Look Out for in a Bad MLM Opportunity - 495 words
  • What to Look for in a Good MLM Downline Manager - 558 words
  • You Need to Split Your Multi Level Marketing Focus - 500 words

6. Two more MLM PLR articles, but these come with hand written spin syntax versions as well, so that you can create unique versions of content!

  • Can You Still Find A Good MLM Business Opportunity? - 493 words
  • MLM Business Opportunity - spin syntax
  • Can I Offer You A Network Marketing Tip? How About Seven! - 521 words
  • Network Marketing Tip - spin syntax

dog Halloween costumes

7. And as an extra give-away or promotional tool I also created a magazine style "info sheet" .pdf doc that you can distribute via social networks or as a download for your lists with

“Six Questions To Ask An MLM Company Before Joining”

8. And who doesn't love Memes and Viral graphics that you post on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest that you can brand with your website/blog and use to promote the socks off your new report and content? 

You get 15 new Viral Social Media Graphics with MLM Tips in this pack.

9. Then I created an InfoGraphic, covering 3 Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM  – which you can brand with your website / contact details ....because they are the 'must-have' new marketing tool all the pros use. 

10. And for those people who apply the power of keyword research, I compiled a list of the top 100 most 'profitable' MLM keywords... the most searched/googled Blog keywords, with the least results found online.


And to sweeten the pot even more I have added a PLR pack with yet another 20 PLR articles from my  PLR store existing stock about both MLM and Offline Business Marketing

You get all this raw PLR material to use in pretty much any way you like, and the marketing tools I made for you from it to use on social networks and on web2 platforms that want graphics and published documents, so that initial hard work is done for you already if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

All this for only $17.... CLICK LINK BELOW AND GRAB IT NOW!

>>> Warrior Forum >>>  MLM 101 - How to Build a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business

Summary of what you get:

1.     Brand new "MLM 101 - How to Build a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business" PLR Report which is a  5,400 word illustrated report, 26 pages of brand new helpful PLR

2.     Report cover #1 in 3D and Flat images also with editable .psd file

3.     Report cover #2 in 3D and Flat images also with editable .psd file

4.     Get the Report already PRE-PUBLISHED in 3 reading gadget formats – Adobe .pdf + .mobi Kindle + .ePub – no software required!

5.     A set of ten new PLR articles about MLM business building

6.     Two more new PLR MLM articles + each with hand written spin syntax versions  

7.     Magazine style "info sheet" .pdf handout on  Six Questions To Ask An MLM Company Before Joining”

8.     15 new Memes and Viral Social Media Graphics of MLM Tips

9.     A new InfoGraphic covering 3 Questions to Ask Before Joining an MLM

10.  Top 100 most 'profitable' MLM keywords

Extra Bonus: 

20 more great quality PLR articles on MLM and Offline Marketing topics from my existing PLR store stock

You get all this for only $17 today @ the Warrior Forum

CLICK HERE for  #4 >>> MLM 101 - How to Build a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business

So don't delay, this pack is great value for top quality PLR content to help you be an expert in the MLM network marketing niche!

And if you are an Affiliate Marketer that  would like to promote this pack to your list just go here to the application page for MLM-101 PLR Report WSO: >>> JV


These very special offers are only available via the Warrior Forum, which is why they are called WSO (Warrior Special Offers) so that is why the link here go to the site to buy the pack instead of direct to paypal as it normally does in this PLR store.

Register of WSO PLR Packs so far:

As I release new WSO article packs I'll be adding the links to them here for you, as there are no time restrictions on any of them.

CLICK HERE FOR #1  >>> Bloggers Guide to Overcoming Writers Block - PLR Report + Articles + SEM Tools Pack - Brand New - $17

Blogging Guide PLR content

CLICK HERE for #2 >>   Dog Training Benefits PLR Report + Articles + Graphics + Marketing tools = only $17

Everything you need to get started in this profitable niche!

dog plr content

CLICK HERE for #3 >> Stress Management Reports for both Baby Boomers and for Teens with Stress!

You get content for both the young and the mature to offer them relief from stress in their lives!

And if you are an Affiliate Marketer that  would like to promote this pack to your list just go here to the application page at JVZoo  >>>

stress management plr

CLICK HERE for  #4 >>> MLM 101 - How to Build a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business

MLM PLR Report + Articles + Graphics + SEM Tools Pack - $17

And if you are an Affiliate Marketer that  would like to promote this pack to your list just go here to the application page for MLM PLR Report>>> JV

And remember, when you get WSO packs with PLR reports in them I will try to make sure you also get the pre-published Reports which come in three reader formats for the convenience of your customers and readers:

Check out the rest of the store for all the 200+ article packs and done-for-you content available for instant download 24/7

>>> PLR Articles & Content

Check out the rest of the store for all the 200+ article packs and done-for-you content available for instant download 24/7

>>> PLR Articles & Content

Mega packs Royalty Free Graphics, website sales icons & headers, craft primsy art, some even have reseller rights - check them all out!

>>> PLR Graphic packs

"Power Tips" magazine is back!
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